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Having just graduated in Economics, I write about various topics giving my opinion on the issues of the day, looking at current affairs and recent developments. I draw upon my experiences and knowledge to offer pieces and relevant content. You can see what else I offer below and here. 

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Some of my experience : 

I am and have been involved in a wide variety of organisations and groups, these vary across many sectors and disciplines. Over the past 5 years I have worked in a variety of jobs and held a wider variety of posts in local, country and national organisations. I have worked for the Police and Crime Commissioner as part of a Youth Commission looking at engagement of young people in the policing process right through to domestic violence.

Further to this I have experience working with the National Young Fabians helping to facilitate policy discussions and formation, I have also written for a variety of publications, magazines and blogs, covering topics from the political, economical and social based issues of the day and about campaigns I have been running or part of, I have also written academically about the way Crowdfunding has had a revolutionary impact of renewable energy.

Through my experience I have also gained knowledge in organising groups, effective press releases, PR and the selling ideas and policies. Serving as a student governor for 2 years in a post of further education at college covering Finance & Estates, as well as College Policy I have knowledge and understanding of young people and governance and governance of FE institutions, I have also gained valuable understanding of leadership and teamwork.

I have experience in working in hospitality and care (both elderly and disabled), I have held local posts in youth and non youth politics, run local, regional and national campaigns from promoting greater use of Apprenticeships, greater use of ethical procurement and tackling pay-day lenders.

I aim to use my experience to aid my work and I also offer my services on the ‘My Offer For You’ page I therefore offer my experience of running and facilitation events and discussion, stakeholder and youth engagement, policy formation and discussion workshops. I also offer public speaking on a variety of topics from ‘Co-operatives in a Post-Capitalist society’ or each separately, ‘youth engagement’ political participation, crowdfunding for renewable energy and a wide variety of areas which are wide and open to discussion.

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I appreciate your interest in this blog and hope I do enough to keep you coming back. You can find my most recent pieces on the tabs above. 
This blog is also committed to protecting the environment and so encourages both awareness and sustainability. This widget below updates with the current level of CO2 in the Atmosphere (credit – and acts as a reminder of the progress we are yet to make and strive to make. 

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