My Offer To You

If you want to know more about me visit my Home page : RWSCarter

I offer a variety of services in a variety of fields. Taking from my experiences past, knowledge gained and the odd mistake made along the way, I can offer you tailored help and advice in the following areas.

  • Governance
  • Campaigns
  • Facilitation of and advice on facilitating workshops
    • Policy
    • Campaigns
  • Speak at your events
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Facilitate policy discussion & debates
  • Organisational and strategy advice
  • Write for you or your site
  • Mitigation of the hindrances of mild dyslexia

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Or find me on Twitter @rwscarter

All links social media links are attached to this page. I appreciate your interest in this blog and hope I do enough to keep you coming back, feel free to share, comment and debate about the content.

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