Pieces for the Galleon that I’ve written or been quoted in

Here is a piece that shows the pieces I have written or have been quoted in for the Galleon newspaper and site, you can view all of the pieces here or the pieces themselves that have been reposted on this site sometimes with a few adaptations. My Galleon profile is here – http://www.galleonnews.com/author/ryan-carter/

Here – http://www.galleonnews.com/2015/10/where-next-for-capitalism-where-regulations-fail-or-fall-on-deaf-ears/

Here – http://www.galleonnews.com/2015/05/labour-and-the-choice/

Here – http://www.galleonnews.com/2015/02/lets-talk-about-inequality/

And quoted here for a piece on thee election and young voters – http://www.galleonnews.com/2015/05/counting-votes/

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