Podcast Appearance: @Crowdleaf & I’m Back

Hey readers/subscribers/those who read in passing and distinguished others.

I attach a set of videos, covering the near entirety of the most recent Three Muckrakers Podcast that I appear on:


Talking about Amber Rudds parting gift, the passing of borderline ambitious climate change measures/carbon reduction targets. The reaction to Theresa May’s new cabinet and coronation, the rise of Trump and Labour’s woes.


I also got the chance to talk about my new initiative @CrowdLeaf which can be found at : CrowdLeaf.org.uk and to talk about the forum and to show how it will hopefully aid the green and sustainability crowds going forwards.

You can view that section here :



Thanks again for staying with me, its been a very turbulent time in both politics and economics at home and abroad and it feel like forever since I last wrote on here. They say a week is a long time in politics and they aren’t wrong but all in that it has been a busy time for myself with exams, graduation and the now inevitable job hunt. This feels like an age. I will be back discussing the potential problems we now face leaving the EU, the problems in the other parts of the world and until that time please check out the @CrowdLeaf site for more bits both by myself and indeed from others. Two fantastic groups have so far written for us both @GreenHampshire and Southampton Climate Conversations.

As always I encourage participation, both in this blog and in the new initiative so, if you happen to have an interest or an idea, a project, or are looking to get involved in the area of green energy and sustainability then please do get in contact. 

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