Press, Pod-cast & Appearances

This is a live page that is updated with recent appearances across a variety of different mediums, in press academia and quotes. Though much of that is now on hold while my ‘services’ remain intact I am now running and directing which is a not for profit, free to use susustainability forum with profit making arms in consulting for firms and up-scaling of campaigns and a shop selling green and sustainable products. Please check it out on on Twitter @CrowdLeaf or on Facebook.  You can also tune in to the radio show on Voice Cm every first Thursday of the month from 7-8PM or 103.9FM.

You can view pieces I have written for ‘The London Economic’  UkProgressive , LFIG, and others on the links attached however there is also a stream of pieces I have reposted throughout this blog and as not all piece’s are on-line or allowed to be re-posted some do not appear on the site. 

The London Economic 




Institute of opinion

As well as a piece for both  Petroleum & Energy World Magazine’s


This is part of a @UKprogressive pod-cast and below which there is links to the other pod-cast performances I have been asked to appear on. 

25. Debate non-debate failed Speaker’s coup edition (Making an appearance talking about youth voting, issued based campaigns and more coving both UK and US politics)

Episode 35. Heavy Hearts (Discussing the South Carolina Shootings, Obama’s powerful speech, more on US politics at large, including the Donald aka Trump, the UK Labour Leadership Election and Austerity).