Recent activity, a pod-cast and plans

I have recently had the pleasure of writing for UKProgressive  you can find the piece here, and appearing on their pod-cast talking about Donald Trump, Jeremy Corbyn, the funny stories of the week and America’s emphasis on middle names among with many other issues. If you wan to find out what my middle names our I am afraid you will have to listen to the piece, I was quite surprised to find out on air that this is in fact the fourth time of appearing on the pod-cast  and yet I am happy to say this wont be the last time I appear on ‘The Three Muckrakers’ !!! You can listen to the piece here. 

Over recent history I have written on a variety of topics from the now net to non-existent Lib-dems to the Scottish referendum to Britain’s unhealthy addiction to its previous feudalism, to view the pieces I have previously written for UKprogressives you can find them here:  Pieces I have written for UKprogressive 

I have also written a piece for ‘The London Economic; however the piece has not been published yet so expect that soon, it is me perhaps not taking the route one might expect over Hilary Clinton’s attempts to tackle off-shoring! Until then however you might be interested in my last piece for them on Crowdfunding for Renewable Energy

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