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I’m doing ‪#‎movember‬ for those of you who do not know me I’ve had a beard in one shape or form for a very long time, yet it’s gone. It feels weird without it, but it’s come off for very important reason. This #movember I’m growing a moustache and for it to be a moustache the beard had to go to allow the ‘tash to stand alone.

As you can see below I along with many others am raising money this #movember and will be all through the month. The aim is to help tackle both testicular & prostate cancer, but crucially the money also goes towards helping people with mental health problems. Mental health is a silent and deadly killer of both sexes, though men are far less likely to either seek help, talk to a friend or are too scared to ask for help. Many reasons exist for this and one key factor is fear that they will not fit into their gender stereotypes, this has a detriment to both sexes as men can ‘live-up’ to wholly wrong and misogynistic stereotypes.

If through this month I help in the slightest bit anybody who has or might face these pressures then I shall be happy. An unfathomable amount of people, a staggering one in four people face mental health issues on a yearly basis and a rather worrying statistic from 2004 was that more than 5,500 people in the UK died by suicide.The rate of suicide has many causes and deep rooted mental health problems when not dealt with can lead to both self harm and sadly death though they are not the same thing, there is a correlation between them.

While the World Health Organisation (WHO) forecast that by the end of the next parliament in 2020 depression will be the second leading contributor to the global burden of disease, these diseases are far and wide and have many causes but as a lead contributor more needs to be done to tackle the problem head on.

Through supporting my campaign money will also go towards tackling as I said Prostate and testicular cancer. Cancer is horrible and everybody has been or will be touched by cancer in their lives, personally, friends or relatives it does not discriminate, but we can win against it together in solidarity. Cancer charities need more help and it is a shame that more is not done internationally by states working together, but in their absence the charities are doing a wonderful job and can only complete their work with donations so please give generously.

If you want to sign up to support me the link is below, if your would rather start your own #movemeber there is instructions on the site.

I would like to leave on a cheerier and less serious note ‘I would love to stay and chat, but I really moustache’ – So get sharing and donating and thanks for helping the cause, you are helping many people who you have never met and thankfully you are not alone in doing so. If you are sharing on twitter I am @rwscarter , thanks for taking the time to read this and thanks i advance if you end up taking action.

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