The launch of #WatchthisGreenspace

Today I launch #watchthisGreenspace a positive campaign to highlight the great strides that society is making to go green. The scale of our challenge is huge but so to is our momentum and a sustainable and viable alternative is taking shape. I started this hash-tag and this petition to create a hub of energy that will drive us on our darkest days, encourage us and crucially encourage others. The world is ours for the reclaiming and all local initiatives, energy start up’s, climate friendly crowdfunding project’s and good green news is welcome.

It is as I see it imperative that for all of us interested in making the world better acknowledge that it’s all on fragile ground and can easily go backwards. Thus if any mission aimed at tackling societal ills such as poverty, homelessness or displacement across the globe was set up today, surely, it would include action on climate change. Any serious coordinated mission might well have to include action on the climate, sustainability, mitigating the effects and going green for the future.  So tell all the charities, companies and individuals what were doing, spread the good green news #watchthisGreenspace !

Tell them we take this seriously because the risks posed by climate change will have an unparalleled and devastating effect on some of the poorest and most vulnerable people in the world. The scale is immeasurable as some will be via direct and indirect consequences but the of consequences most obviously detrimental are the increased frequency of natural disasters.  

I have written at length on the devastation of poverty, trends surrounding it and more specific elements of it, so I will not repeat myself but you can view some examples here : 

If we are to make sure that any steps that are taken do not go into reverse, we collectively need to make sure that we do all we can to become a more sustainable world. That vision includes so much more than we are doing now, so much more will be needed. It requires challenging vested and powerful interests, targets such as making OPEC about the environment as much as oil, about making the UK’s ‘Big Six’ much greener, or better yet, real sizeable market reform with a push for more efficient and greener technologies that produce and supply locally.

There is a real threat of going backwards in the UK without communities coming together and working on creating this change, serious threats to the feed in tariffs are going to make a big dent into many green initiatives and many individuals and smaller businesses will see less benefit in going green and getting solar for the roof.

Sign the petition and fill in the consultation here: #WatchthisGreenspace 

Steps need to be taken locally and you should do all you can to influence those people who are making the decisions from the national picture to your energy provider, change can and will need to be made. There are many people out there who feel the urgency around this and some positive stories to take inspiration from can be seen here : Churches have started adding Solar PV Panel’s to their roofs  That is not to say that the picture elsewhere is not looking much rosier, earlier this year Denmark produced 140% of its Energy needs via renewable sources, and many more countries are making great strides towards this goal, Denmark also have this amazing ‘real time’ interactive map showing their energy production and where is is all coming from which is well worth checking out.

Writing earlier this year I stated that ‘crowdfunding could revolutionise the renewable marketand so too can greater use of cooperative option’s which come to the fray yet do not receive adequate support rather numbers of barriers falling before them. Many of the new projects being funded are just that green, new, renewable, energy efficient ideas, in fact crowd-funding is a prime market as there is the socially conscious element to investments. I am keen to involve myself in this more thoroughly over the future and will continue writing about this topic.

I will take forward the mission to change the world, fight for those whom have been ‘shunned by everyone’ and push for a more sustainable and long term joined up system for energy in the future. After attending a fantastic conference by @Futuresolent at the end of last week I know that the energy sphere has made huge leaps in this area, importantly hover it is only getting more exciting. Tweet your good green deeds and good news stories under #WatchthisGreenspace and I will include them and you in my next piece.

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