Speaking engagement & workshops on: ‘Cooperatives in a post-capitalist society’ 17th of October

On Saturday October the 17th in Portsmouth I am speaking on ‘The future of co-operatives in a post-capitalist society’ I am facilitating a workshop and will also be answering questions as part of a Q & A.
The Co-operative party of Hampshire and Isle of Wight if hosting an event with local Cooperative ‘Community Empowerment Ltd’ the event has workshops, policy discussion, speeches and a selection of market stalls with local Cooperatives, community groups and parts of the Labour and Cooperative movements.

The event has a general theme of Cooperatives of the future and is titled : ‘Will Co-operatives Change Europe’s Future?’

It contains many speakers, groups and my contribution.  

If you’d like to find out more about my talk and workshop please contact me, if it is about the event you can sign up to the event or contact the organisers for more information.

The event can be found on Eventbrite below.